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           AffluentTEK staffing practice delivers high-quality staffing services built on industry best practices. We work with our clients to recruit and retain the best information technology talent possible read more


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      Our business solutions can help you increase sales, better manage cash flow and enable you to spend quality time. We craft a unique solution that help you better run your business.


“I had a good work experience working at AffluentTek. Working in this organization has helped me to enhance my skills technically as well as it assisted me to improve my overall personality development. Working at this organization has given me a chance to explore and learn the trending technologies in today's world by not only limiting to the single technology. Hands down this is a good workplace to nurture your career in right path for the future growth. I recommend this place to work.”

Raghavendra Reddy Yelmati
Programmer Analyst

"AffluentTEK demonstrated a high degree of commitment, flexibility, scalability which enabled us to meet our processes and goals for an important technological initiative. Their execution of excellence and ability to work with us to execute our project in a timely and within the stipulated budget made a tremendous difference and a successful one”

 Bradley Grosh
 Senior Manager


About Us


We are a company that works to establish a mutual relationship with its customers, as we believe customers are our first priority and responsibility. Customers use our services; hence the most important responsibility is to meet their needs while taking care to deliver exceptional quality work. When delivering to our clients we maintain the best quality at low costs, thereby increasing their return on investments.

Our team works towards creating a mutual collaborative alliance that delivers the best while earning a client for a lifetime. We are responsible to our team across the world, providing them with the best work facilities, and an open environment to be innovative. Our work environment gives them enough space for originality, and we award them with dignity while giving them full credit for their hard work.

Compensation must be fair and adequate, and optimum working conditions are provided. While taking full precaution that our employees fulfill their family responsibilities. We provide equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for those qualified, and work towards achieving greater goals, through just and ethical methods.

Who we are

We are a team of qualified professionals and consultants who believe in providing the best services to our clients. With more than a decade of business experience, we are completely capable of handling our client’s requirements enabling them to attain their business goals with cost-effective solutions.

Our experience and business knowledge brings us to par with the best in the industry. Our team understands the working of an organization, and the effects that various technologies have on the working of an organization. Technology when developed works differently for different platforms. We work to create a mutual relationship that gets stronger with time.

We are fully equipped to provide customized software services and solutions to companies across different sectors. Ranging from private companies to government organizations we provide customized services to all our clients. Our team works together dedicatedly to provide the best options with maximized profits.


Our vision is to deliver innovative technology solutions to varied organizations enhancing their business achievement in diverse ways, enabling them to meet oncoming challenges. We leverage our services through technological expertise and strategic alliances that help us collaborate better with our clients and build a mutual relationship over time.


We don’t just provide services we partner with our clients. When working with us you can be sure that you will have :

  • The advantage of a delivery approach that is Global and needs centric
  • A fully functional working module
  • Industry-oriented development programs
  • Flexible and compliant solutions
  • Long term relationships
  • Customer focused curriculum
  • State-of-the-art execution facilities


AffluentTEK was set up to provide escalated technical services to our clients. We believed that every organization should have the advantage to develop and retain the best talent, technology, and experience to add to their industry advantage.

Over the years we have catered to a number of clients across continents, providing them with enhanced staffing solutions, and aiding them in setting up their offices across the globe. We set out to provide interim staffing resources to varied companies interested in hiring individuals for short-term assignments and projects and expanded to providing long-term staffing solutions.

Our services have benefitted varied organizations ranging across:

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Accounting
  • Insurance


Our team believes in creating a relationship with our clients. We understand that our first responsibility is towards our customers who use our services. Throughout the process, we ensure that the highest quality is maintained while providing a cost-effective solution.

We value our customers and take full precautions in maintaining their privacy or our customers. Our employees stick to our company modules no matter where they are working from. We work as a team and provide fair and adequate compensation to our team, and create a transparent work atmosphere that enables the employees to participate freely. There is equal opportunity for employment, development, and advancement for those qualified. We provide competent management, and their actions are accountable and must be just and ethical.

Our values are what keep us apart in this competitive industry, bringing us to par with some of the best-performing companies.

"It was great working with AffluentTEK."
John Edward